How to Make Money Betting On Rugby

Making money gambling on rugby matches may be easier than you think. Even though bookies are smart and know how to set lines they don’t always get it right. We are going to show how to identify profitable bets which can help you walk away a winner.

Team’s Form

Before you make a rugby wager, you need to check how the athletes have been playing. It doesn’t make sense to bet on the favored side if they have lost 2 in a row and are not looking like themselves. We recommend you search for underdog sides who are playing extremely well and are on a hot streak. Bookmakers often won’t recognize this recent form which allows you to make some profitable bets.

You also need to assess a head-to-head form. Some rugby teams just happen to play extremely well against certain competitors. When comparing head to head form you should only study recent matches as historical data is not relevant if it is comparing different players who are no longer in the team. We like to gamble on underdogs who have a history of playing above their potential against particular competitors.

Homefield Advantage

After you have checked out a rugby team’s recent form, it is time to look at which side has home field advantage. Playing at home could have a significant impact on the outcome of a rugby match. The crowd may give the home side a real boost while also causing nerves in the traveling side. 

Some rugby players really struggle playing on the road while others are unbeatable at home. We recommend betting against traveling South African teams especially when they are heavy favorites this could give you a great chance to win some big cash. South African sportsmen are notorious for struggling to travel and often seem like completely different teams when they hop on a plane. However, the opposite is often true when they run out in front of their home fans. Only the bravest bettors would gamble against a South African team with home field advantage. 


Once you are certain which team is the home side and both teams’ recent form you need to check if there are any injuries to important players. As rugby is a dangerous contact sport injuries are very common. If a team’s star player is out of a match injured this may greatly impact the outcome. Before placing a bet, you need to pull the starting lineups and see if any important players are missing. We like to wager on underdogs who are playing against a competitor with 1 or 2 important players sidelined especially if those players fill key roles such as halfback, five-eighth, or in the front row.


The final step in our process of identifying sharp rugby bets is checking the weather forecast for the match. Some players love playing in the rain while others are absolutely hopeless and can’t hold onto the ball. When looking at the weather forecast you have to figure out how it will impact the match.

Northern Hemisphere sides and the ones with good kickers and strong rugby fundamentals tend to do well in the rain. While Pacific Islander sides who like throwing the ball around and aren’t known for their positional play tend to struggle. For example, if the weather is hot and dry, we love to bet on Fiji to upset a Northern Hemisphere powerhouse such as Wales or England. However, if it is pouring rain, we are going to be gambling on England or Wales in the handicap markets.

Time to Act!

If you take into account a side’s form, who has home field advantage, injuries to key players, and the weather you will give yourself a great shot at picking the winner. Don’t take our word for it! Sign up to a gambling platform and start making some rugby bets today!