Popular Types of Rugby Wagers

If you are new to rugby gambling, you may not know just how many different types of wagers you can make. To help you find bets you can actually win, we are going to break down the most common and popular types. If you stick to these tips, you will give yourself a great shot at winning some cash!

Match Result

This is the most common type. It involves simply selecting which team you think will win. By choosing a particular team, the gambling platform will give you odds. Every bookmaker offers this style of wagering and you will be able to bet on nearly every match in the world. The great thing about match result is that it is very simple, and it allows you to gamble on a range of rugby leagues from across the world. The downside is that the bookmakers are good at establishing lines and there isn’t always value.


This style of betting involves a sportsbook choosing a number for a particular match statistic such as points, penalties, kicks, or yellow cards and then allowing players to choose over or under this number. For example, the sportsbook may say the total match result will be 30 and if you take the over you win if the score is 31 or higher. And if you bet on the under, you only win if the teams get 29 or less. A cool feature of over/under wagers is that you can gamble on multiple aspects of a rugby match and you don’t have to try and predict a winner.


This type of rugby gambling originated in Indonesia and has quickly expanded across the globe to one of the most popular styles of playing. And rugby is no different with bookmakers offering a range of handicap rugby wagering markets. In this style of wagering sportsbooks place an imaginary handicap on the side predicted to win which then turns the contest into an even match. For example, if Wales is playing Fiji, and Wales is expected to win they might start with a -7 handicap. This means if you place your money on Wales, they have to win by 8 or more points for your bet to payout. Another cool aspect of this type of bet is that it eliminates the possibility of a draw.

Final Score

In this form, you are trying to predict the result of the rugby match. You can bet on one team’s points, combined score, and even gamble on a range of points such as within 10 to 15. Gamblers who love to crunch historical data and look at typical results are drawn to this style of wager and can often turn themselves into long-term winners by studying statistics more effectively than the bookmakers. Final score bets offer much higher odds than other wagers which is great if you only have a small stake but still want to win big.

First Try Scorer

In this particular bet, you are trying to predict which team or which particular team will cross the try line first and put 5 points on the board for their side. As you can imagine this is a bet which often over pretty quickly and usually payouts before the first half is over. If you are in a hurry or are looking for fast action this is a great choice as sometimes teams score within the first couple of minutes. If you want to win big and chase high odds you can gamble on props but if you want to give yourself a more reasonable chance of winning you should wager on wingers or outside backs.

Time to Act!

Now you know the top rugby bet types. So now all you need to do is create an account at a sportsbook and try out these different wagers the next time your favorite team takes to the pitch. We recommend you start small and try out one wager type at a time. Good luck, and we know you will win!